Large scale metal print



3DMP allows components of up to 3 cubic meter

in one piece​

3DMP enables the material combination during the process

3DMP is 5-10x faster and cheaper than 3D printing with laser and powder

3DMP is 3x cheaper than casting for limited editions

3DMP creates objects which are sustainable, functional and more valuable than plastics

industrial technology goes creative

From Ideation, over business model generation to serial production,
3DMP® Living is the engineering partner at your side.

3D Metal Print

quick facts

  • 3DMP® allows components of up to 3 cubic meter in one piece​
  • 3DMP® enables the material combination during the process
  • 3DMP® is 5-10x faster and cheaper than 3D printing with laser and powder
  • 3DMP® is 3x cheaper than casting for limited editions
  • 3DMP® creates objects which are sustainablefunctional and more valuable than plastics


We transform your vision into creative and profitable results.


3DMP® expands the horizon of feasibility



3DMP® creates a new way to build


3DMP® – how technology inspires ART

be unique

3DMP® is not only cost efficient but offers you the combination of complex geometries
with multiple functions and individual design.

Complex Geometries

The optional 3 or 5 axes of motion provide maximum flexibility in terms of size and design freedom without supporting structures.



Although digitally created each printed part has a unique appearance as the surface will look slightly different every time. The art to design aesthetic objects is to play with the technology. The imperfections can be used to tell a story – giving each part an own character. 3DMP® is like working with clay and fire. It is a kind of digital pottery with a pure but rude and handcrafted look.


Every printed part can be reproduced easily. Small customizations are possible. Depending on the post-processing you can decide on the degree of uniqueness each part remains.



The ART to design aesthetic objects with 3DMP® is to play with the characteristic features of this technology.

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3DMP® – 3D Metal Print – is explained quickly. Using an arc welding process, metal wire is melted and applied layer by layer to a base plate. To build your individual metal part the CAD data is transferred into digital printing layers, the so-called CAM models. After printing, the quality control is carried out by means of a 3D scan and the individual post-processing of the finished part.

If you want to learn more about the process, please visit the website of our technology partner GEFERTEC.


WITH 3DMP® LIVING, the Berlin.Industrial.Group. (B.I.G.) starts a unique Business Unit to
bring 3DMP® closer to Architecture, Art and Design Studios.

As a business unit of the Berlin.Industrial.Group. we are developing and looking for sustainable business cases in the creative field, where 3DMP® is a value-adding technology.

Our mission is to open up the potentials of the innovative 3DMP® technology to non-industrial segments and to facilitate between creatives and machine.



our services are:

  • Technical Design Workshops: Understand design guidelines and building strategies for „print-friendly“ and economical designs
  • Consulting in the field of business model development
  • Job shop for designers, architects and artists: together with our partners Flying Parts and Gefertec we realize your ideas

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